Enon-Sehoy Mitigation Bank

Enon-Sehoy Mitigation Bank exists to provide compensatory stream and wetland mitigation for US Army Corps of Engineers approved projects under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act. Operating under an Army Corps of Engineers permit, the mitigation bank will permanently protect 283 acres of streams and wetlands on the total 968 acre site.

Located in southern Macon County, Enon-Sehoy Mitigation Bank will help protect the headwaters of Calebee Creek and adjacent wetlands. By restoring buffers along the streams to native species and constructing functional stream channels, the natural flows and flood regime of Calebee Creek will be restored on the mitigation bank property.

Enon-Sehoy Mitigation Bank now has stream and wetland credits available for purchase within the market area including parts of Bullock, Calhoun, Chambers, Clay, Cherokee, Chilton, Cleburne, Coosa, DeKalb, Elmore, Etowah, Lee, Macon, Montgomery, Randolph, Shelby, St. Clair, Talladega, and Tallapoosa Counties.

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